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100 EUR for the first minute and 50 EUR for each following minute


5 EUR per instrument for the first minute and 2,50 EUR for each following minute

Performance of one instrument

5 EUR for the first minute and 2,50 EUR for each following minute

Record of one instrument

5 EUR for the first minute and 2,50 EUR for each following minute

Mixing each instrument in the mix

5 EUR for the first minute and 2,50 EUR for each following minute


When the music and/or the lyrics are Yours You retain Your Copyright. When You have performed the vocal and/or any instrument You retain Your Performing rights.

If I am the author of the music, lyrics, arrangement I retain the Copyrights. If I have performed any of the singing or instrumental parts I retain the Executive rights for them. The producer of the recording is me and so I retain the Production rights.

Video upon the created music

The price for the video over the composed/arranged/recorded music depends on how many pictures/videos You want to appear there. Normally for 10 pictures/videos in a piece of 1 minute the price would be 20 EUR

typing music/scoring/prepress

2,50 EUR per page А4 with up to 10 lines and; 5 EUR per page A3 with up to 20 lines.


When You want to have Your music sheets/scores nicely printed on paper the price depends on the size and number of pages plus the spiral the covers and the transport.

The prices for one page are:

            b/w                  color

А4       0,08 EUR        0,55 EUR

А3       0,15 EUR        0,90 EUR

Anyway music is a very unpredictable thing and so is it's price. I have given here some basic prices but every particular case could vary up or down. That's why a conversation is always necessary to set the final price of the service You need.


The price for one lesson is 20 EUR. The duration is 45 minutes.

Example 1:

You have written lyrics and wish to have a nice song build upon it? The price for a record of a 3 min. song upon Your lyrics for an arrangement of 6 parts (e.g. vocal, back vocals, synth, guitar, bass and drums) composed, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by me is:

                           Composition   200 EUR

                           Arrangement     60 EUR

                           Performance      60 EUR

                           Record               60 EUR

                           Mixing               60 EUR

                           Total                440 EUR

Example 2:

You want to have a professional record of a song composed upon Your lyrics and sung by You with a duration of 2 minutes for 2 instruments (e.g. vocal and guitar) composed, arranged, performed (the guitar), recorded and mixed by me

                        Composition  150 EUR

                        Arrangement      7,50 EUR

                        Performance      7,50 EUR

                        Record                7,50 EUR

                        Mixing               15 EUR

                        Total                187,50 EUR

Example 3:

You need a professional record of a 2 minute song upon Your lyrics and music sung by You with 2 instruments (e.g. vocal and piano) arranged, performed (the piano), recorded and mixed by me

                        Arrangement 7,50 EUR

                        Performance 7,50 EUR

                        Record           7,50 EUR

                        Mixing          15 EUR

                        Total             37,50 EUR

Example 4:

You hummed to me on the pone Your song that You need to present on a professional music sheet. If its duration is 2 minutes You need just canto and harmony and it takes 2 pages

                        Arrangement   € 7,50

                        Scoring            € 5,00

                        Total               € 12,50          

Example 5:

You need musical background for your solo vocal/instrument on Your gigs/rehearsals? Here I am for a 3 minute song with 6 instruments the price is:

                        Arrangement   € 60    

                        Performance    € 60    

                        Record              € 60    

                        Mixing              € 60    

                        Total                € 240  

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