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1954  I was born in Rousse – Bulgaria.                                                                        
My father Dobrin Petkov was a conductor and my mother Vera Petkova was a physician.

1959 started playing the violin under the direction of Todor Katzarov
1961 continued with my grand father – Christo Petkov until 1963.

1963 started playing the piano under the direction of Jeny Marchinkova,
1975 continued with Margarita Hlebarova,
1977 continued with Ivan Drenikov,
1978 continued with Professor Ivan Evtimov.

1966 started playing the guitar with Katerina Popova.

1968 started playing with different pop bands and composing pop songs.

1974 started studying Musical harmony with Petko Mechkov,
1975 continued with Dojchin Ushanov
1976 continued with Stefan Ikonomov until 1981.

1974 started studying in the High Electro engineering School, Varna, Bulgaria.

1976 studied Polyphony and Orchestration with my father.

1979 Bachelor degree from the High Engineering School, Sofia, Bulgaria, in Electronics.

1986 Honorable mention for composition from Sysnound contest, UK

1987 Honorable mention for composition from The MCSF, Nashville, USA

1988 First class piano license from the Bulgarian Committee of Culture.

1988 Award for composition from The Bulgarian Academy of Music

1989 Award for composition from The Bulgarian National TV

1992 becomes a member of The Bulgarian Union of Composers.

1993 established The Electroacoustic Music Ensemble. Since that time mostly composing and arranging classical music for an electro acoustic combination.

1999 started to organize and carry out musical educational activities with the Electroacoustic Music Ensemble.

2007 prepares composition, orchestration and recording of music for ballet "Adorement and violence" based on W.A.Mozarts opera "Don Giovanny" commissioned by State Ballet Arabesque.

2012 starts working as piano entertainer on cruise ships.

2018 Second Prize for "Shepherds suite" for kaval and symphonic orchestra on "7/8" international composition competition in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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